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We offer cloud computing solutions

Software applications based on client-server technology

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Applications software in the
management, economics, healthcare,
industry and ecology areas

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IT consultations and assistance over the phone,
at place in our or your office
or via remote administration

About us

About Us

DataMplant LTd was established in 1998 and currently has two offices - one in Sliven and one in Yambol. The company develops software for domestic and foreign clients, including cloud based software solutions, applications software in the field of management, economics, healthcare, industry and ecology. Some of the technologies used for creating the graphical user interface are Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Cache Server Pages. The server side is based on relational and object-oriented databases.

Our company offers remote administration as well as IT consultations and assistance in system administration over the phone and both in our or your office. We also have long term experience in outsourcing.

DataMplant is official representative of InterSystems for Bulgaria since 1998. Along with organising courses and trainings related to InterSystems' technologies, the company ensures participation in such. DataMplant also helds meetings of all users using the products of InterSystems.

Datamplant is a partner of Microsoft since 1999.

Official distributor of Ciela for the regions of Sliven and Ciela since 1998.


InterSystems was established in 1978 by Phillip T. (Terry) Ragon, its current CEO as of 2015. от 2015 г. The company is one of the original vendors of M-technology (also known as MUMPS) systems with the product ISM. Over the years, the company acquired other MUMPS implementations (MSM from Micronetics, DSM from Digital and DTM from Data Tree) making it a dominent provider of the M-technology.

InterSystems launches Caché in 1997 г. and Ensemble in 2003г. They launched HealthShare in 2006. In 2007 InterSystems purchased TrakHealth, an Australian vendor of TrakCare, a modular healthcare information system based on the InterSystems technology. In September 2011, InterSystems purchased Siemens Health Services (SHS) France from its Siemens parent company (InterSystems SAS).

On 12th of September 2017, InterSystems introduced the IRIS Data Platform®. InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ sets a new level of performance for rapidly developing and deploying important applications. All of the needed tools and capabilities are provided in a reliable, unified platform spanning data management, interoperability, transaction processing, and analytics.

Read more information about InterSystems and their products on company's official website: https://www.intersystems.com/


Ideas, Products
- EconMan – Finances, money flow, human resourses, material resources, contragents, payments, budgeting, analysis and planning for small and medium-sized businesses
- InfoFlowMan – Tracking analysis and management of information flows, generated by industrial controllers and similar devices including complete solutions of software + hardware
- Sitemaker - Software for automated creation, maintenance and management of websites containing vast and dynamically changing databases
- Pharmacy Information System, including monitoring of narcotics
- Web based information system for monitoring and managing livestock growth in a farm
- DocuSys – Web based information system organizing individual access to apps, directories, documents, URLs and other links for organizations with distributed offices
- DepoInfo – Software for managing the waste on regional level
- Web based Information System for electronic control of scales


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